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Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how you can do AMD Graphics VRAM INCREASE in your pc or laptop, friends have given all these steps below.

How to Check Vram On your Laptop or pc

1. First you have to come to your desktop

2. Rightclick to select display setting

3. and scroll down to select advanced display setting

4. than select display adapter properties

Increase AMD Graphics Vram Steps

1.Open Search bar

2. type Regedit in search bar

3. open Regedit


5. Then open SOFTWARE Folder

6. click on AMD folder

7. and You will CN Folder open

8. Open the video RAM folder

9. You will see dedicated video storage, you have to open it

10. If the value is already 0 there,

Below you will get a table, in the same way to enter value

System Ram Recommended VRAM

1 GB 128 MB
2 GB 256 MB
4 GB 512 MB
6 GB 1024 MB
8 GB 2048 MB
16 GB 4096 MB

Now after putting this value, you have to restart your pc / laptop and your pc / laptop will get VRam Increase.
You will also find the following video here, you can see friends for more information.

And there are lots of videos on our youtube channel, on this topic you can also see those videos by going to the channel page Friends Thank You.

Watch Video Tutorial and more Infomation

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