How to Fix WiFi Network Problem Wireless Connection Solution

Today I’m going to show You how to fix a problem when Wi-Fi is gone (or not showing up) in windows 10. This thing has happened to me few times, after some Windows 10 update. There are 3 things You can do to fix this., so let’ssee what will work this time.

Method 1

1. go to search box and type services.

2. There are a lot of them, but the one we needis called Wlan Auto Config.

3. It needs to be running and Startup type needsto be automatic. If it’s not,

4. right click on it and changeit. This time I’m good here. 2nd thing

5. You can do is type device managerinto search box.

6. Now You need to locate Network adapters.

7. This one with the Network adapter at the endis the one we need.

8. Right click on and update driver.

If You choose search automatically like this,most probably You will not solve Your problem. You see, it says the best driver is alreadyhere, and still no wifi. What You need to do here is choose this

Method 2

1. Browse my computer and right click to device manager open .

2. Now “Let me pick”, choose adapter, and here it is.

3. This time 2nd option worked and wifi is backon.

Now, if these 2 things didn’t help You likeit didn’t help me few times, don’t worry.
All You need to do is to plug network cablefrom Your router to Your PC, then do the update driver thing in device manager, this timeonline. What also helped me in the past is go to Windowsupdate and update the system. I hope I was helpful,

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