How To convert Word Document to PDF

how you can save a word file as a PDF file in Windows 10 right, now the good thing with Windows 10 is it already comes with options that allows you

to convert directly to a PDF read from word instead of having to download another app or a program or going online and trying to convert online right so this is a word

file and after I’ve been how to save a word file as a PDF file in Windows 10 now find and navigate to the office button there, select that and navigate to

save as right, once in save as I can use this option here PDF or XPS,publish a copy of the document as a PDF or XPS file, if I select

that it gives me two options here right, save as type PDF or XPS so I’m going to choose PDF and it automatically comes up with the name so I’ll just save

this on my desktop instead of save, it says publish right so it is select publish that’s done and the other option is if you navigate to the office button and navigate

to print and select print under print you need to select Microsoft print to PDF right if you select tab select ok it will ask you to rename the file so we’ll

use the same name but I’ll just put B there ok and okay so this another file I’ll just click replace it and let’s go and have a look so I’ve got

that file here and the one I had saved earlier is there right so the vault in PDF okay that’s the second fun so that’s how easy it is to save a

Word document in PDF or convert a word document or file to PDF

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